FULONGMA Sweeper Truck FLM5030TSLDG6

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Usage Vacuum Sweeper

Sweeper Truck – FLM5030TSLDG6

It is the latest innovative and advanced road cleaning vehicles with the function of sweeping and suction. It is mainly suitable for the mechanization cleaning operations in urban road, highway, airport. The truck has the advantages of high working efficiency, advanced and reliable technology, well designed appearance, applied multiple patents and the technology is in the domestic leading position.


Vehicle fuel: Gasoline

Auxiliary Engine ModelSokon: AF11-05

Sweeping Width (m): approx.2.4

Dustbin Volume (m³): 1.4

Water Box Volume(m³): 0.8


Type of cleaning device: center-mounted four-disc sweep + rear-mounted nozzle, the disc can automatically avoid obstacles.

The sweeping disk is omnidirectionally adjusted, which is convenient and fast. The front sweeper uses a single cylinder to control the ascent, des

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