10 Units CIMC Lingyu Granule Tank Trucks to Serve in South Asia

November 19,2021

November 19, 2021, Luoyang, China, Lately, 10 units CIMC Lingyu granule tank trucks were ready to be delivered to South Asia to serve in local transportation.
Located in the vital transportation line in the Indian Ocean, South Asia has rich resources and bright trade prospect. In recent years, CIMC Lingyu gained gradually increasing market shares in South Asia due to differentiated solutions, high-quality products and perfect after-sales services and has become the first choice of local customers.

The application of the new X-type fluidized bed reduces the fluidized area, increases the gas unloading power, and effectively reduces the residual rate.

Fully loaded with 30 tons, small wheelbase, low center of gravity, stable operation, ultra-light carbon steel material, more standard and more economical.

Innovative air chamber structure, diversion structure and pipeline design make the vehicle dust removal faster and more efficient to meet various road conditions.

Using the center compression swing method, it has good sealing performance, flexible and light operation, safe and reliable.

In 2021, CIMC Lingyu got the achievement of over 1,000 units exported vehicles in only 9 months. With the promotion of “Belt and Road” Initiative, CIMC Lingyu will shoulder more responsibilities in the future. 

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